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The Short Gal Show

Jul 16, 2017

This episode offers some advice and insights on business travel. The Short Gal will offer her very own tips to make domestic business travel more tolerable and enjoyable. She will later interview Tammy Robbins about her own experiences traveling for work.

  • About the Short Gal’s business travel experience and some random memories [00:40]
  • The Short Gal’s business travel system/planning [01:56]
    1. What to wear and pack
    2. Luggage and bundling packing
    3. Use what hotels offer
    4. Getting in and out of cities
    5. Getting some sleep on planes
    6. Loyalty programs
    7. TSA Precheck and Global Entry
    8. What the Short Gal does on planes
    9. Dealing with time zones
    10. Routines while traveling
    11. Eating while traveling
  • About Tammy Robbins [06:25]
  • About Shriners Hospitals for Children
  • Traveling through the Midwest [07:38]
  • Tammy’s planning and the importance of bringing comfortable shoes [10:29]
  • Favorite business destinations [14:04]
  • Staying in cities to see friends [16:18]
  • Tammy’s habits when traveling [17:15]
  • Interesting story on a Southwest flight [21:48]
  • Packing tips [27:00]
  • Travel tips [28:38]
  • Technique to calm and center oneself while traveling [30:12]
  • Upcoming bus trip with patients from Shriners Hospitals for Children [31:25]